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CONTACTS:   Mailing Addr: AFTAC Alumni Assoc. - WCC, P.O. Box 3974, Citrus Heights, CA 95611-3974
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=========== BOARD OF DIRECTORS (BoD) / OFFICERS ===========
Chmn of the Board, Ken Denbleyker, Ph: 916-987-1754
Asst Chmn Of The Board, Charlie Penn, Ph: 916-300-2094
Director At Large, (Vacant), ____
President, Allan Pentecost, Ph: 916-467-7037
Vice President, (Vacant), ____
------------------------------------ OTHER OFFICERS ------------------------------------
Treasurer, Butch Kemna, Ph: 916-722-8509
Asst. Treasurer, (Vacant) ____
Secretary, Bob Baker, Ph: 916-944-8070
Asst. Secretary, Ken Breitwieser, Ph: 916-722-1280
----------------------------- APPOINTEES / VOLUNTEERS -----------------------------
Membership, Dave Price, Ph: 916-354-9740
Depot Fallout Editor, Don King, Ph: 602-448-4195
Publications & Distribution Allan Pentecost, Ph: 916-276-9203
Webmaster, Bob Fitzgerald, Ph: 916-798-4287
------------------------ CURRENTLY ACTIVE COMMITTEES ------------------------
Spring Picnic Gurus   (3rd Saturday in May, "Armed Forces Day")
Fall Social Committee   (Closest Saturday in November to "Veteran's Day")


WCC Officers 2020-2021
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